America’s Army 3

As promised in Twitter, here it is! My post about AA3!

Wikipedia says:

America’s Army (also known as AA or Army Game Project) is a video game developed by the United States Army and released as a global public relations initiative to help with recruitment, originally envisioned by Colonel Casey Wardynski.

I played AA2 long time ago but then my main game was CoD and now I tried AA3 and allthough it is been laggy and buggy because some problems. It still is a good game and it has potential to be a great game.

And I know this much: it is based on UT3 engine and I like it looks and I’m having fun when I’m playing it! That is all I need! Fun and something to do.

Again Wiki says:

America’s Army 3 was completely remade in Unreal Engine 3 and introduces a number of changes. Medical training is now compulsory allowing all players to give basic IFAK treatment. While America’s Army had training availability based entirely on previously completed training, America’s Army 3 has only basic training available initially and online play is required to unlock more training. In addition, a single map can support multiple mission types, while in America’s Army a single map only had one.

This isn’t supposed to be a big post, just some thoughts and stuff.

Wikipedia link

Here some other thoughts, I haven’t been playing AA3 for couple days so I can’t tell you the current status, but hey you can try!!

And here is the extra thing for this post! AA3 background!! It’s 1680×1050 px.

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