About me


Hi geeks and other people!

I think there is somebody from outside Finland, so I thought that I write a small page about me.
So I’m 22 years old geek from Kuopio, Finland. Currently I’m studying IT and doing some programming job, mainly php, html, css and that kind of web related stuff.

That was the short version. But I think you guys are more interested about tech related stuff than my personal stuff, so let’s get down to business then.
As I said I’m programming web related stuff so yes, I’m interested of programming. Also I have few computers of my own in my apartment: one main computer (games and stuff), one big laptop (work and stuff), two netbooks (school and stuff) and few cases and parts and that kind of stuff. So yes I have computers.
Also I have few projects which includes VPS and Debian, so I’m working/messing with Linux servers.

Oh yes, few words about this page. This is, well I don’t even remember which version this is. But this page will keep on growing and changing! And yes, that is a promise!

As you noticed I’m not good at writing these introductions, so I’ll wrap it short.

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