GoPro Hero4 Silver weird ”helicopter sound” when Wi-Fi is enabled

I will write this article in English since I will use this as an example of the defect that I have in my GoPro unit this defect is known as ”helicopter sound” or a ”popping sound”.

I have not used the Wi-Fi feature of the GoPro a lot and I considered using the remote. I tested the Wi-Fi feature so I could see live footage from my tablet and noticed that when the Wi-Fi is on the audio has some odd ”helicopter sound”.

First I googled about this issue. It seems others have same problems with Hero4 Silver. The problem is most likely hardware related and I have to return my unit. Well at least I’m not alone with my problem. I also checked for new updates and the problem did not go away.

Here are the test video that I took for GoPro support.

Also here are mp4 files fresh from the camera:

After I publish this I will contact GoPro support directly and try to get this thing resolved. I will make updates to this post when something happens to my GoPro and I have the process on the way!

Update 1 / 24.11.2015

I got reply from the support and was asked to do factory reset and manual update. They provided instructions and so I did. Then I took a new samples for them and here they are:

Sadly the problem did not go away with this method.

Update 2 / 25.11.2015

Now I have been asked to deliver receipts and give some address informations. Next I should get info about returning the GoPro.

Update 3 / 25.11.2015

I got info about returning the GoPro back to them. I will print some documents for them tomorrow and contact UPS.

Update 4 / 26.11.2015

I just handed the camera to the UPS so it is in transport. Lets see how long this process will take.

Update 5 / 2.12.2015

I have received e-mail that tells that they have received and processed the return. I should have my replacement in week or two.

Update 6 / 10.12.2015

I got the replacement today. Well… it has the same issue. I did manual update and send samples to them.

Update 7 / 11.12.2015

I received new RMA form and UPS instructions. Also ticket was escalated. Sadly I can order UPS pickup on monday since weekend and other things.

Update 8 / 14.12.2015

I just handed the camera to the UPS so it is in transport. Lets hope working camera comes back before new years. Christmas is missed with GoPro but lets see…

Update 9 / 21.12.2015

I got information about tracking code etc. Estimated arrival is 29.12. so it might be here with me before New Year. This time it is tested with their IT in USA and it comes via FedEx.

Update 10 / 28.12.2015

Final update to this thread. I finally got working GoPro back from the GoPro. It does not have this helicopter noise and I’m happy with the result. Customer support was awesome and the guy who answered my e-mails was nice.

Have a great New Year!

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